high-quality immersive and spatial productions & international distribution

A team of specialists who are pooling their wide range of expertise and knowledge in order to create a brilliant and unparalleled sound experience music lovers have always dreamt of.


With uncompromising application and consistent use of the latest immersive production methods we succeed in capturing the genuine and immediate power of music.


  • IAN have set a new standard for immersive music recordings.
  • With IAN, you can immediately tell you are in the hands of seasoned professionals: no compromises, no gimmickry, just a meticulous attention to detail and a single-minded focus on quality, all in service of the music and of the artist’s intent.
  • For anyone with a 3D speaker layout in a home theater or media room, the immersive listening experience obtainable from any IAN production offers musical enjoyment at a whole new level.   


William Erb