A team of specialists who are pooling their wide range of expertise and knowledge in order to create a brillant and unparalleled sound experience music lovers have always dreamt of.

CREATION - Recording

CREATION - 3D Transmission

CREATION - SONIC holographic capturing

CREATION -  Postproduction

• Dolby Atmos Home certified Studio


• SONY 360 reality audio


• Fraunhofer IIS MPEG-H


• Fraunhofer IDMT "SpatialSound Wave" official Studio


• IAN Spatial Production Suite 








• 90% of all immersive music Titles worldwide

  have been mixed/ mastered/ encoded by

  msm studio group


• Developer of Pure Audio Blu-ray in 2009 (AES 21-ID)


• The only lossless immersive audio delivery

  format for music



•2x GRAMMY "Best Surround Sound"


• 34 GRAMMY Nominations


• 100 immersive Audio Blu-rays


2L, Deutsche Grammophon, Berliner Philharmoniker,   

   London Symphonie Orchestra, Münchner Philharmoniker,

   Peter Maffay, EAV, Rodger Hodgson, Sarah Brightman, etc.