IAN Productions

The distinct feature of IAN’s Label production philosophy is that it wants to provide direct access to intense and deep emotions while listening to music – thus making you feel as if you were there in the same room with the musicians, sharing the deep pleasure in music, sense and sensuality, passion and sensitivity. 


With uncompromising application and consistent use of the latest immersive production methods we succeed in capturing the genuine and immediate power of music.

Alessandro Quarta plays Astor Piazzolla

- AUDIOVISION 07/2018 "Bravissimo"

- AUDIO 06/2018 "Klangtipp des Monats"

- STEREO 06/2018 "Audiophiles Highlite"

- LOWBEATS 12/2018 "überragend"

Jazz ambassadors - Sammy Nestico

The Jazz Ambassadors is the United States Army`s premier Big Band. This 19-member ensemble, formed in 1969, has received great acclaim both at home and abroad performing America`s original art form, Jazz. 

Tetragon project

"This was an event we'll be talking about in decades to come."

(Dr. Edwin Pfanzagl-Cardone, Head of Sound- and Acoustics-Department,