IAN solutions

IAN Solutions is the leading manufacturer-independent company for innovative audio solutions in Germany. High quality and process standards are the basis for efficient services, expertise, consulting and knowledge transfer, which we offer from a single source.


With its international network  "IAN.community" we create added values for our customers and their projects worldwide.


IAN supports  in the implementation of transparent, uniform and reliable project and production processes. As a service provider for industry and companies as well as a cooperation partner of public research institutes.

Planning and consulting in the field of room acoustics, building acoustics and technical acoustics, up to the own production of high-quality immersive and spatial productions and their rights management.

Development of own tools for comprehensive evalution effectlivly from a single source.

Services of space-forming expansion such as design and construction management

Development of acoustic elements and special furniture turnkey solutions and expansions with a network of partner companies. 


The interplay of personal strengths and special features is the core of our success. This individuality is expressly desired!