Dave McKendry - Cigarette Smoke

Incredible Artist - wonderful project in coop with Echopilot Vienna.

Out now in Dolby Atmos on TIDAL

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tetragon-project "oracles"

The Tetragon Project is innovative, experiential, and represents truly 21st century avant-garde musical exploration. The unique compositional approach and state of the art 3D audio immersion has created a musical language that is far beyond conventional forms and structures. 


Release: Sept, 24th,2021 as  Blu-Ray in Dolby Atmos/ AURO 3D 

and enjoy in SONY 360 Reality Audio with Artist Connection APP!




MPEG-H Audio "deliver Emotions"


Complete production of the MPEG-H Audio imagefilm for the Fraunhofer IIS. 




OPUS Klassik award 2020

Our Viktor Ullmann immersive production wins the





HAZAR - Reincarnated with special Guest Al Di Meola



Produced by HAZAR

Co Producer: Stefan Zaradic (IAN)

immersive Producer: Stefan Zaradic & Stefan Bock (IAN









AR App Project in Coop with the Siemens Arts Programm presented at Mediatec Munich 2018: "Virtual Avatar Orchestra in 3D Sound"

In Cooperation with the bavarian State Orchestra Academy.


Also available as Pure Audio Blu Ray with cutting edge HiRes & immersive recordings in: 5.1  SURROUND 96kHz/24bit

9.1 Auro-3D 96kHz/24bit

& Dolby Atmos

Immersive Production: Alessandro Quarta plays Astor Piazzolla

Alessandro Quarta plays Astor Piazzolla

The Deluxe Box Set includes:


Audio CD

STEREO 44.1kHz/16bit


Pure Audio Blu-ray

STEREO 96kHz/24bit

5.1 SURROUND 96kHz/24bit

9.1 Auro-3D 96kHz/24bit

Dolby Atmos  96kHz/24bit

Bonus Videos

mShuttle: FLAC 96kHz/24bit, MQA, Binaural Audio



IMMERSIVE PRODUCTION : The Jazz Ambassadors - Notes from Sammy


Because Music Matters: The Performing Artists


The Jazz Ambassadors

The Jazz Ambassadors was formed in 1969 and is the official touring big band of the United States Army. Over the years, “America’s Big Band” has included many musicians that have gone on to further acclaim, including drummer Steve Gadd.


Sammy Nestico has been on the music scene for many years. It could be said that he’s the most well-known big band arranger on the scene and he has worked with Frank Sinatra, Count Basie, Bing Crosby, Johnny Mercer and Toni Tennille, to name a very few. This recording’s opening track “Toni” was written for her, originally. For the first time, Sammy has written new compositions and arrangements specifically for the Jazz Ambassadors. 

Recording produced by Jim Anderson

available at: 


Immersive Production: Gulda: Concert for Violoncello and Wind Orchestra

IAN- Immersive Player & Siemens Arts Program


Together with Siemens Arts Program record and produce Friedrich Gulda’s famous concerto for violoncello and wind orchestra in 3D Audio at Siemens HQ in Munich. The orchestra was recorded at Bayerische Staatsoper. 


Siemens Arts Program

Orchesterakademie des bayerischen Staatsorchesters




3D Experience in conference rooms



- up to 64 Speakers flexibel setup

- Easy to handle Playlists

- Video synchronisation

- Room simulation






AR Project "Gulda celloconcert" with orchesterakademie der bayerischen staatsoper

Advanced augmented reality APP

  • Conception
  • Production
  • Programing
  • Realtime Audio & Video AR

Immersive grand opening - ECR 2019

Opening ECR 2019 – Immersive Grand Opening. Mister Master was responsible for sound-design, FOH- and monitor-mix, technical stage management and artist support. 
- More than 120 inputs

- including 80 Schoeps Mikorofone from our inventory used as spot-mics and as “pick-up” system for all strings.

- IEM for orchestra, band and soloists.

3D immersive live world premier

3D Immersive Live Event 19.07.2016  at University Graz.

Tetragon Project & Al Di Meola




Tetragon Project Live

Concert Trailer


The Tetragon Project sees itself as a curious musical art project that has its origins in years of intensive engagement with music in 3D space.

Composer and audio producer Stefan Zaradic came up with the idea of thinking and composing music in 3D from the very beginning.

Münchner PHilharmoniker - Radio Hologramm

Fulldome Festival Planetarium Jena

Content production with SpatialSound Wave


Videoart by Christoph Heyden

Music by Stefan Zaradic

Audiospace im Audioversum Innsbruck

  • 3D Contentproduction
  • 13.1 System Installation

Harman Kadon "premium surround" for BMW i3

Samsung VR Project presented in Las Vegas

  • Sound Design
  • Immersive Mix in 360°

Volkswagen - Autostadt Panoramakino

Content production in SpatialSound Wave in in cooperation with Fraunhofer IDMT & SHURE Atmosphea

Lange Nacht der Musik 2018 -  Premiere: Klassik  in 3d audio im Siemens auditorium


Über 1000 Besucher konnten an diesem Abend Klassikaufnahmen in Hi-Res und 3D immersive Sound Live erleben.

  • Conception
  • Installation & Integration
  • Content Production

IAN Summit dubrovnik 2018

Networking - Openness - Cooperation


Creating the future of immersive sound 

IAN Summit dubrovnik 2019

Networking - Openness - Cooperation


Creating the future of immersive sound 




Creating the future of immersive sound